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Отрицательный отзыв про озон EcoQuest

Краткий перевод. Человек работал представителем EcoQuest, через какое-то время у него возникла аллергическая реакция, как он думал, на кошку. Он избавился от кошки, но аллергия не ослабевала, он ходил по докторам, изучал, читал, но ему становилось только хуже. Потом до него дошло, что это отравление озоном. Он выключил прибор, и постепенно стал выздоравливать.

I became a distributor for EcoQuest International several years ago. I believed the vast amount of information that they supplied the distributor(s) and the information discussed in the seminars, and conferences. I sold many units repeating the information I had been told. Recently I had a very bad experience with their top-of-the-line, Fresh Air unit (that sells for over $700.).

I've been sick for about six months. It started with an allergy to a cat I adopted. I had to give the cat away but couldn't seem to clean thoroughly enough to get rid of the hair and dander. I started with one air purifier at highest setting trying to alleviate my allergy. That didn't help so I turned on a second air purifier in one bedroom (because the cat had contaminated every inch of my apartment). As the months went by I got sicker and sicker!!

In December I had an expensive allergy test--but was told I had no allergies. I bought allergy remedies but they did not help. I used eye drops but that didn't stop the itcy eyes. I read everything I could on allergies. I listened to segments of TV programs about allergies and asthma. On February 9th I was so desperate I sat at the computer and searched the Internet for an answer to my allergy or asthma symptoms. After reading many sites, and visiting many links associated with sites, I saw three little words and I immediately knew I found the answer. The three words ASTHMA and OZONE. I clicked the link and it opened up a world of information about the hazards of ozone poisoning.

I have been so extremely sick!! Now that I have turned off the air purifiers, I can breath better. I don't have the itcy eyes. I still cough and sneeze but not as often. I am slowly recovering from the ozone poisoning but it may take several months before I'm healthy again (according to the information that I have read, and documented, from the Internet). I was extremely surprised to find the number of complaints about EcoQuest when I found this web site. I'm surprised... but I recognize that some of the complaints are valid.

I was a responsible distributor and provided information, and manuals, to my customers. I honored their request if they wanted to return a product. I know that there are distributors--in all businesses--that are only interested in the sale and not the service. I'm disheartened that EcoQuest home office did not assist the customers when they complained. This web site gave me a very different view of the company I--in good faith--have been representing.

Lorraine of Shelby, NC
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